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Free 4K Premium Service Activation Eligibility*
To confirm compatibility of your X900 4K Ultra HD TV with the 4K Ultra HD Media Player**, and to check if
your TV qualifies for the free premium service activation, please follow the steps below.

   Do you have your 4K Ultra HD Media Player
   (Models FMPX1/FMPX10)?   

   Obtain the 4K TV model & Serial number from the
   TV Menu, or by locating the label on the back left
   side of the TV.

TV Menu
On the remote:
1. Press the Home button
2. Select settings option
3. Select Contact Sony option
4. Optain Model name & Serial Number
Sample Label on the
back left side of the
X900 TV

   Select the TV Model from the drop down list and
   input the Serial number:  


Please type what you see above:



If you have questions about the
Free 4K Premium Service Activation
Please contact Sony at


* This free service activation does not include non standard installation, parts or accessories not included with the product, or internet setup

** Wired internet connection necessary for 4K Ultra HD Media Player